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  • A Single Blow in original Japanese?


    I once discovered the original japanese version of the documentary known as "A single Blow" on the Youtube Account of an user named oniazuma, i also downloaded it from youtube, but deleted it by mistake. Unfortunally the User deleted his account, and his new webpage does not feature the video anymore.

    It featured 2 or 3 additional scenes as well as a much better naration. Does anyone out there still has the original japanese version of the documentary?


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    Isn't that about Eiga sensei? I'd like to see that documentary again


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      Yes, its the documentary about Eiga Naoki and the english Version is still on Youtube.



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        Hi Paul!

        Are you referring to the single 10 minute "Eiga Naoki documenrary"? I seem to remember this documentary being significantly longer.


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          Hey Dervish!

          Sorry, just discovered on youtube that the 4 Part splitted version of the documentary is also no longer "on air" . Damn, when i checked for the english Version called "A Single Blow" or just "Kendo Eiga Documentary" on youtube a couple of month ago, it was even uploaded multiple times by different users... strange..



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            i had tried the keywords '' NHK documenrary eiga'' and found the four parts of the 'a single blow' after sometime....its the english version though.... i remembered the last time i saw it, it was still a ''documenrary''


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              Here has the original video, with English narration. They also have about 2 dozen other docos that I'd love to see. It's an org that makes NHK programming about Japan available to OS TV broadcasters. They might also sell to schools/educational institutions. But you might have to get chummy with your local community TV station and see if they can put in an application. Not likely to be cheap. I imagine you'd be purchasing not just the (large format?) tape but also the broadcast rights.

              Still, you'd be a bloody legend if you got it.



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                A single blow still on YouTube in Engrish...

                "A single blow" is still in YouTube in english. (sorry, not the original Japanese)

                Here are the links:

                These are parts 1-4 in order (1 on the top and so on)

                Hope this helps

                Dan Weber


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                  Thank you very much, Dan! I haven't seen the entire documentary in a long time!


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                    Thanks so much for posting this. Can't wait to watch this tonight.