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Hachi Dan Documentary - National Geographic / requesting

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  • Hachi Dan Documentary - National Geographic / requesting

    Hey Everyone,

    So I know National Geo. made a special documentary on the Hachi dan test.
    I found the video on youtube, but the quality is incredibly poor.
    I tried searching around but all the posts seem to be outdated now.

    I wanted to share the video with my club members.

    Does anyone still have a good quality of the video they downloaded?
    If you do could you please send me a link or copy?
    PM is fine

    Please and thank you

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    This version might be better.


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      OMG I love you. No Korean subtitles!


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        Is it possible to buy the film on a DVD?


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          It was on terrestrial TV here about 9 or 19 years ago, I taped it on VHS, but missed the first 3 minutes...


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            Originally posted by Neil Gendzwill View Post
            This version might be better.
            Neil, maybe worth stickying this thread? The same question pops up on a fairly regular-ish basis, and as young people these days don't know how to use the search function it might save the same thread titles and your same response every 3 months? Just a thought!


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              It's already stickied in the other media forum. I have no clue why we have two media forums...


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                Originally posted by Jonesy View Post
                Is it possible to buy the film on a DVD?
                I doubt it, I'm pretty sure there is no such DVD unless you're talking about one pirated from the tv stream. NatGeo does not list is as one of their available titles for purchase. I sent the customer service account an email some time ago and never received even a form response. I suspect they have no interest in attempting to arrange the rights for sale with the appropriate japanese corps involved. Too much hassle for too little return.


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