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129 Year-Old Samurai? (serious post)

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  • 129 Year-Old Samurai? (serious post)

    I really enjoyed Kenji Tokitsu's translation and analysis of the Book of Five Rings ( Written from a martial artists's perspective (although he is not a kendo or kenjutsu practitioner - karate instead) the work really resonated for me and I'll be using it as a reference.

    The footnotes are interesting and insightful as well so the book is truly a valuable read. One of the footnotes (found here: references a samurai by the name of Watanabe who was born in 1582 and died in 1711. That would make him 129 years old! A book was written of his life (in the 18th century, of course) titled Watanabe Koan taiwa and he was mentioned in Tokitsu's book because Watanabe allegedly knew Musashi on some personal level.

    I'm curious if anyone has more information and reference materials on this.