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"Kendo Nippon" magazine available through iTunes App store

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  • "Kendo Nippon" magazine available through iTunes App store

    Haven't tried this myself but just passing this along to those who might be interested:

    Dear All United States Kendo Federation:

    We are Ski journal Co., Ltd. in Japan.

    We are publishing a monthly kendo magazine "Kendo Nippon".
    From autumn of 2011,
    We are operating e-book store app named "Kendo Books" in the iTunes
    app store for Apple.
    In "Kendo Books",
    We are selling the latest issue of "Kendo Nippon", back numbers
    from October 2010 and many books about Kendo and Iaido.
    You can read these e-books on iPhone and iPad.
    It would be nice if you could share this information on your website
    or e-mail. We are so glad that a lot of Kendo players in the all world will
    share authentic technique and knowledge of Japanese kendo by our
    "Kendo Books".
    "Kendo Books" app is lined up on the app store already,
    Please check it.
    We hope you will take it on your website,
    All your federation members will enjoy this app.
    Yours sincerely,
    What is "Kendo Nippon"?
    -First issue is published in 1976. We have a history of 36 years,
    published all 436 magazines.
    Even now, "Kendo Nippon" is the most selling kendo magazine in
    Japan, and received great opinions from all ages.
    There are many articles concerning a wide range of the fields.
    Technical commentary with sequences of photographs and interviews with
    famous kendo players, tournament reports, series for kids kendo
    You can find full information of Japanese kendo from kendo country of origin!
    What is "Kendo Books"?
    E-book store in the iTunes app store for Apple.
    Free download of the app.
    Free download of few trial e-books.
    Provide " Kendo Nippon " series, " Iaido toranomaki " series, and other books.

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    Unfortunately all of their publications all appear to be in Japanese. The app itself seems stable enough and easy to use.


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      Yep - I was buying their Iaido toranomaki magazines through the Japanese itunes store - much easier now it is in the Aussie one so can pay in dollars.... toranomaki is excellent for the instructional photo sets even if you cannot read Japanese.


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        Is there any indication that the videos from the issues where DVDs are included will be part of the iTunes download?

        Do you know if you can copy and paste the text from the magazine so you can at least get a rough "Google translate" translation?


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          The videos are NOT included.
          No you cannot copy/paste text.