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    I saw this on Kendo World a few days ago, and am very intreguied as to know what it's all about:

    Personally, I thought it'd be a pretty unfair match considering the Naginata's reach - but good training always wins out in the end. Anyone know more about Isshu Jiai, and if it actually occurs outside of Japan?

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    There were 2 isshu-jiai matches at the 2004 San Francisco taikai. I believe Neil did some isshu-jiai in June as well. So yes, isshu-jiai does occur outside Japan. The limiting factor seems to be finding naginata practioners to fight. Also be aware that certain senseis seem to be pretty uptight about their students doing isshu-jiai so make sure you ask first.



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      I fenced two people, one with a few years experience, the other the most senior naginata-ka (is that the right term?) in the US. As you might expect, I had different results with each. If you do a search for my user name and isshu-jiai you can find the original report.


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        some others at the latest Naginata world championship :