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anybody seen "Purple butterfly"?

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  • anybody seen "Purple butterfly"?

    i love the "Purple Butterfly" it's a great movie, i love Ziyi Zhang performance in it, she is one of my favorite actresses which was a plus to the movie. i also have some other films that i want to see that are coming out on march 8th. they are "Dolls" and "Bright Future" which are also independent japanese films. i found out about them at they have clips and trailors for a lot of the up coming movies. i recommend anyone who is into these films to check them out.

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    Yep, I've seen it. It's quite a slow and depressing film. But in many ways conveys the truth of that era. Everyone pays out Zhang ziyi (b/c tabloid rumours), but I think she's pretty cool. If anything she represents new age Chinese women who are independent and definitely not subservient.

    For Japanese films I also like "love collage" and "tengoku no honya (heaven's bookstore)". They are not exactly small independent films but I thought they were quite original.


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      Have you seen last life in the universe? It's kind of weird but cool


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        No....I haven't. I'm not surprised that it was weird though! For some reason nearly every Japanese movie will have some totally weird scenes in it.

        There was one excruciatingly weird scene near the end of love collage. It was SO WEIRD. Ah! it nearly wrecked the movie for me. Without that scene it would've been the most funny and witty movie I've seen.


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          A small bit of advice

          Stay away from suicide club if you haven't seen it already... I am dead serious, I would put my bogu on it.



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            I heard from a friend that Bright Futures is the best out of all of Palm Pictures. Ya they are all kind of weird but that's the way indie films tend to be. Just look at Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Abre Los Ojos. Kind of a mind trip but awesome