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Kendo Ippon O Toru, by Kyoshi Kode Kunihde

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  • Kendo Ippon O Toru, by Kyoshi Kode Kunihde

    I just received the Kendo Ippon O Toru, By Kyoshi Kode Kunihide. The book is great and the DVD is very good, even if you don't understand japanese it is easy to follow. However, I ordered the book/magazine due to the DVD, which was suppose to be ALL REGION. When I attempted to play it all I got was REGIONAL ERROR... I changed the region on my computer and was able to watch the DVD. Now I'm at somewhat of an impass. I can only change the Region on my DVD player a couple more times and it will not be changeable any more. HELP, I would like to be able to reference this DVD but not at the expense of my computers DVD drive.. ANY SUGGESTIONS???

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    Get a small program called DVD region free. Works like a charm.



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      Try DVD shrink 3.2 works great, its free and it can take a 9.7 GB DVD and convert it to 4.7 GB


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        Thanks I'll try to find the program.


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          For less than $50, you can pick up the cyberhome CH-DVD Player.

          After you buy it and plug it in, press the button "1" and "3" down at the same time when there is no DVD in the player.

          A menu will pop up and you can make it region free.

          My friend told me doing some internet search on DVD players will give you codes to do the same to other DVD players. Just add the word "hack" after the name of the DVD player being searched. Don't pay money for specially-moded "region free" players as almost all players can be made so, if you know the code.



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            Thanks for the info DCPan, I thought I was in luck! That is my DVD player (300 model). However the 1-3 code did do anything?? I even went into the set up section, nothing. The manual says it will play Region 1, and, ALL region but the back of the player says Region1?? Anyone else got any suggestions??


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              DCPan YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!! I did the hack search and there it was!!! The code is menu-1-9, region 0. Now the DVD player plays All regions!!! If you ever visit Tennessee bring your bogu dude! You got free room, board, and all the Kendo you can handle (wrapped up in the best southern hospitality)! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!