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anybody knows about this movie ?

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  • anybody knows about this movie ?

    Ive always wanted to watch a kendo film . Do anybody knows something about this movie . Its in the Ajkf page; and I would like to know if they send it to america. ThaNKS .

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    It appears to be available here:


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      A really great documentary - it's called 'tada ichigeki ni kakeru'. It's actually part of the same documentary series as the well-known documentary about the 8th dan examination.
      However, if you look here
      it seems almost as if somebody has seen it translated, which might be better if you don't speak Japanese, as there are quite a lot of interviews with some rather interesting info that you wouldn't get if you just bought the Japanese version.


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        Wow! I really enjoyed the 8 Dan examination doc ,however,I think I must look for HDtv and buy another AJKC . Im thinking in 41,44 or 45 (actually the ones were the Miyazaki brothers won) . By the way , do you know if at the 44th the 2nd and 3rd place were Harada Satoru and Eiga Naoki?). Which one do you recomend ?
        Thanks for your replies.