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  • Post your favorite video clips here...

    Kendo 1

    <a href="" target="_blank">kendo 2</a>

    kendo 3

    <a href="mms://" target="_blank">kendo 4</a>

    bamboo cutting 1

    bamboo cutting 2

    bamboo cutting 3

    Kendo vs. Naganita

    The Sword is mightier than the Gun

    have fun


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    Currently, my favorite kendo video clip in is your signature...


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      that final at the 11thworld championship was very good uh


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        Yup, have to say I'm a fan of the signature. It's pretty sweat. I don't have many Kendo clips - mostly naginata...


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          That sig is owny. the bamboo cuts are cool, being a newb to any of this it was nice to see. That naginata gets a nice jab off to that guy's face x.x


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            Did you SEE the chiburi/noto of the second guy in "cutting 1"?? WOW!!!

            Anyone know if the dance is called anything in particular? I thought it looked exquisite (sp?).


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              All of the clips are very impressive. I was really impressed by those guys doing all the bamboo cutting and that sword dance. I also liked the kendo vs. naginata clip. I've done shiai against a naginata before and it's quite a different feeling from my usual shiai.


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                HOLY CRAP! The bullet cutting thingy was awesome! lol


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                  Originally posted by Naginatagirl
                  Yup, have to say I'm a fan of the signature. It's pretty sweat. I don't have many Kendo clips - mostly naginata...
                  wow I'd love to see some naganita in action as well..

                  I'll keep on looking for more links..a dn I hope that you guys will do some searching of your own...


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                    Hehe, I've been looking for Naginata clips a lot today. Couldn't find anything, sadly, I really would like to see some Naginata fights. I saw this fight between a ninjutsu guy and a kendoist, now that was impressive and pretty kewl, to me anyway.... in this thread..


                    Fun, cool fight!


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                      You can find A LOT of clips of Naginata shiai here:

                      Some of them are really good, some not so much, but there's....a lot of them. Enjoy!

                      When we had our annual seminar this year in T.O. I got to see my Naginata sensei fight one of my Kendo sensei. O.O wow. Huge difference in style, but both were SO GOOD. It was amazing to watch.


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                        There are two videos here of the 44th Annual Korean National Kumdo Dan Tournament. I actually prefer them to the All Japan.

                        And an all time classic. Kendo's Grueling Challenge which follows two men's attempts to pass the hachidan test.