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Make shinai heavier?

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    I think that's a questionable strategy. I would say no to any kind of shinai tampering other than maintainence for safety.



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      Originally posted by ben View Post
      what ben originally said "
      If it was undetectable it might be within the letter of the rules but it is not within the spirit.

      bravo, couldn't have said it better me self. Except of course i didn't say it, you did. I will give you +reps when I spread some more luv around.


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        Originally posted by subygal View Post

        I'm lucky - because I am female my shinai weight is 440g but I use a 39 as I am taller and have longer arms (most girls I train with use 38s) so my shinai will always be over - strictly speaking it should be over 510g
        You can get ladies 39's that will be around the 440g limit.


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          Originally posted by subygal View Post
          Strictly speaking you should have weighed it when you got it. If it was underweight then - returned it. Then tell everyone where you got it so that no-one else buys from there and makes the same mistake
          Yes I certainly should have, and I will not make that mistake again.
          I just never considered that it would be an issue, for the first time I decided to get a high quality shinai to my liking instead of a cheap training shinai bought en gross by the club and I just assumed that it would be up to standard.

          I've seen lots of beginners that buys all kinds of shinai that are either "cool" or they want to "experiment", I'd say you buy the clubs shinai until you
          a) are dissatisfied with it and b) you can actually tell just what about your shinai you are not satisfied with, then you get something different.

          As for badreping Ninecircles, I see no reason, they have always given us great service. I will just mention the fact that my last shinai was too light and request that they check the weight on my next as a overseas return would be costly. So far this dobari feel excellent and if that feeling continues I'll probably get a matching pair next time

          "If it was undetectable it might be within the letter of the rules but it is not within the spirit."
          Very true indeed, and since your sword is but an extention of your spirit, if you tamper with one, you tamper with the other...


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            I went back to your original post and realized that you had only soaked in oil overnight.

            You could just return it to the oil and let it soak for two days or three (I've known people who soak them by complete immersion for 5 days or more), it should absorb enough oil in that time to make it slightly heavier by 2 grams (thats the weight of a half of a sugar cube btw).

            Its not illegal to do so, and your shinai will get that nice golden hue of a well maintained shinai....

            If you start adding weight near the handle, not only might it be noticed during inspection particularly if they're out to look for adulterations, it will also start changing the balance of your shinai. It might not be "critical", but it might be enough to "throw you off your happy place" for that one round where it's important. It is your national championships after all...


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              It's soaking as we speak, but as I soak it in water first it will not absorb more than a nights worth of oil at first, but it becomes astoundingly flexibel.