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  • stupid Tsuba questions

    Hello everyone,

    just registered, seems to be a nice place here.

    I'm a beginner, just started training a few weeks ago. I wouldn't have bought a shinai at this point of time but got one from a colleague (for free!). But the tsuba and tsuba dome (both plastic) aren't attached to the shinai. How do I do this correctly? I couldn't find a picture that really shows how to put them. Tsuba has a flat and a rounded side, same with the dome.

    Can you help? I know it sounds stupid ....

    Thanks in advance!


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    put the tsuba in first and as for the tsuba dome, just slide it in after and push or force it down. don't worry if the tsuba dome don't just slide in place, you have to push it down very hard to slide it down. Wait..... your tsuba dome is plastic? it should be rubber.................


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      The rounded side of the tsuba should face the 'blade' part of the shinai (rather than down the handle).

      The rounded side of the tsuba dome should face down the handle. This means that the 2 flat sides will be together and will fit nicely.



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        Whoa... both plastic? thats weird... don't know how that would work... =/... Assuming it somehow works like normal, you slide the tsuba in all the way... and push the dome in flat side first.


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          Ask someone at your dojo!

          just ask someone at your dojo they will make pleasure to answer you!


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            Thanks very much everyone for the answers!
            It worked fine!


            P.S. Tsuba dome is RUBBER of course! I didn't know the correct english word for it so I called it plastic, sorry.


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              speaking of tsubas and domes, how do you put it on for a bokuto/ bokken?


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                Originally posted by spiritfox
                speaking of tsubas and domes, how do you put it on for a bokuto/ bokken?
                Put the tsuba on first and slide it all the way down to the handle. Then put a little bit of washing up liquid on the inside of the dome. Now the dome should slide down nicely and hold the tsuba tight in place.