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Dobari shinai with thinner top

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  • Dobari shinai with thinner top

    I'd like to buy a new shinai and I've decided to try out a dobari shinai, my current choice is the Take Kunihiro Bessaku shinai from Eurobogu. The description says it has a thinner shinai top. Could anyone tell me what the advantadges/drawbacks are? And is it allowed in competition?

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    Do you mean, thinner tip? If so, the advantages are that the weight will be balanced even further back, so the tip will feel very light and move quickly. The disadvantage is that it is easier to break, and doesn't have a very solid feel for a men attack. By regulation for men, the diameter of the tip including the leather must be 25 mm or higher. So long as it meets that and also meets the minimum weight (510 g excluding tsuba) it's legal.


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      Thanks Neil

      I didn't even think about it breaking faster.... I think I'll just take a model with a regular tip, I'm no hard hitter, but I love a solid feel on my strikes .