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  • sewing tsukuagawa

    Sorry to start a new thread, but I can't find an existing one.

    Has anyone tried sewing tsukagawa? I'd like to shorten some of mine as an experiment and I can't find anyone local to Pittsburgh willing to sew them for me. From what I can tell, I think mine were sewn on a machine, but I'm pretty good at hand-stitching through canvas and belt-webbing. I'm wondering how hard it would be to cut tsukagawa apart, shorten it, then sew it back together.

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    I have seen them do it a few times at the local bogu shop. You really don't need to so sew it at all. Just cut down the seam with a scissors, and fold the tsuka 2-3 times and re-glue it.

    You really don't want to shorted it more than 2cm though (unless you are making a shoto). It will extend your reach, but the trade offs aren't worth it.


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      I've made a shoutou out of an old shinai of mine. I turned the tsukagawa inside-out, cut a bit from its bottom part, cut 10 holes, passed a bit of spare tsuru from them, tied it snugly, and turned it inside-in again. It turned out alright.

      It's also an option to cut from its top part, but I don't think it's worth the effort TBH.
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        Links to detailed instructions are on this webpage,
        in English
        and Japanese


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          That looks what I was looking for, thanks, I'll give it a try.


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            Originally posted by R Stroud View Post
            Uh, am I the only one for whom the second link doesn't work? I could maybe translate it all for you if you'd like.