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  • Strange Shinai, what are there purposes?

    Evening All,
    Once again scanning the internet in my lunch break at budo products,
    For a long time I'v always looked over these types of shinai,

    Now I know what the top one is for, but these full leatherbound shinai, and those other ones,
    What purpose do they serve? I'v always thoguht they where rather strange, most likely only because I don't understand there purpose.

    Let me know.

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    I think this has been discussed on here; as I understand it certain koryu use them. Try a search for "fukuru" and/or "koryu shinai."


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      Fukoro Shinai, as I understand are precursor to the modern shinai that's used in Kendo. They were used for Kenjutsu and are still used in some Koryu Kenjutsu schools.


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        Used in Shinkage ryu....though the ones in the picture look a bit odd see:


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          The red YSKR fukuro shinai are lacquered, which I suppose would make them far more expensive than the white ones.