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  • Shinai Grip Sizes

    Hi All,

    Sorry for my ignorance for shinai grip sizes. I thought that they just came as regular, thick etc. Anyway, I stumbled upon a kendo store website that has certain grip sizes for their shinai. Can anyone provide a guide on the measurements/differences the size can make?

    Link below as an example

    Sizes range from 25-30. I know it says regular, medium, thick etc, but looking for more like is regular size equal to like young adult hand size or adult asian size? Just looking for something scalable to compare with. Since I can't actually hold the shinai, would like to see if I can understand the measurements better.

    Also, anyone have/tried the shikumi/bizan/fudoshin shinai on the website?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Just get a's just the width of the grip. You can easily figure this out by measuring what you have and what your dojo mates have.