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Dobari vs Koto vs Chokuto

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  • Dobari vs Koto vs Chokuto


    Can someone please list the basic, or if possible all, the characteristics of a Dobari vs Koto vs Chokuto shinai? I would also be interested when each of these would be most appropriate (or for whom). What would be the best shinai to use for Jodan?

    Thank you,

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    Hmm. I know this has come up in a few threads but I do not think it has ever been given its own topic.

    I think this is one such thread:


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      Also, without making any assumption about your level or where you are at with Kendo, you might want to do what I did and ask your sensei what kinda shinai would be best for the way you fight and train. He or she will probably know best what to recommend. I do not think any one shinai type will be 'best' for any one kamae, as there are many more elements at play than just kamae, such as how one fights from that stance and so on. You know, some Jodan players are very springy and mobile while others are just these grounded monoliths. And then there are the waza you use, for which some shinai are better suited than others.


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        Here is a link to Kenshi247 that has a list of the types at the bottom of the post. The only way you'll know what shinai fits you is to try them out yourself. If you don't have a shinai retailer nearby, you can try them at tournaments at the vendors to see how they feel. And don't be afraid to experiment if you have a little extra cash. Shinai fell differently when you're tired. Asking your sense I might help, but that's only if they know the differences themselves. And even if they were well versed, they can't tell you what feels good for you, so it's on you to find that out over time.


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          So, in general, if you have big hands and want an oval shaped tsuka what would we be looking for?