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stitched leather tsuba.

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  • stitched leather tsuba.

    i have this old tsuba that i got about 7 yrs ago and never used it. now it's all dried up and kinda curly.. does anyone know how i could get it to be flat again? thought about soaking in the water and leaving it under some heavy stone or something, but not sure if that's a good idea..

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    Maybe you can get any ideas here
    You could for example put it in melted beeswax.


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      I would not soak it in water, but I would try oil or vasaline just like for a baseball glove.


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        I've got one of those stitched leather tsuba (three layers) and have same problem. Regardless how old or how dry it is, it does curl if you don't leave it under heavy stuff when you don't use it. You can soak it in hot water for a few minutes (not too long as it will swell and the layers will split open) and put heavy stuff (I use phone books) on it for an over night. But you will never get it flat for any longer than a few days even you keep doing the above method. I gave up now and just use it as it is. A Korean bogu shop 'Pentogon' is selling a stitched leather tsuba with less curling problem.

        But it doesn't look as good as the traditional one.