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Cheap Shinai?!?!

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  • Cheap Shinai?!?!

    I was looking on ebay for shinais during one of my breaks between classes and I found a shinai that was being sold for really cheap ($0.99). I looked around because I thought that it was missing something or whatever. But look at the shipping price! The seller was saying that he/she was doing this to minimize business cost. I've never seen shipping this high before.

    This is just a heads-up if anyone is going on ebay for shinais (which I really wouldn't buy one from there anyways).

    Here is the link before I forget

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    Bleh Ebay

    I'm not a big fan of E-bay for major reasons like that. Thats not the fisrt time i've seen people trying to scam you - whats really bad is when the shinai is normal price and the 85 dollars shipping.

    Then again , people are dumb. Had friends that sold a certain type of catalog on ebay and people thought they were getting the product. When it was clear that there was no product and just a catalog.

    Anyways - E-Guchi wonl't rip you off


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      ebay is bad

      ebay is too easy to cheat someone with because there is nothing you can do to stop them


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        holy crap...85 USD for shipping? i wouldn't pay that much for a shinai. i'll stick to my $13 shinai


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          that's messed up. really, really messed up.


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            According to the page, the total cost comes out to about the normal price for that particular shinai (according to the page of course).