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    Sorry if this has already been answered... I did a search and couldn't find any threads, so here I go: I live in Rochester, NY and winters can get pretty cold here. Keeping my shinai in my house exposes them to dry heat, which I know can produce dry, crack-prone shinai. But when thinking of the alternative, like leaving them in the garage or in my car, it seems just as bad for them... (ie cellular moisture freezing and expanding, cracking them anyway.) I am not buying a humidor for my shinai either. Any suggestions??

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    Give you shinai a good oiling once or twice a week. I live in Alaska and the winters here are about the same as there, and that's what I do. That should do the job, as long as you are consistant will the oiling.


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      I oil all my shinais as soon as I buy them and put them back in plastic bag that comes with until I need to use them. It seems working fine so far.


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        If you store them in your bathroom, it will also absorp enough moisture to prevent becoming too dry.