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  • Monster Suburi Bokken

    I am looking for one of those over sized bokkens, im not talking about the standard suburi bokkens (aka the boat oars) but i remember seeing someone one time with a humungous one... it had like a normal bokken handle but the blade area looked more like an octagon carved from a 4x4, i checked around on a few kendo websites but no luck if anyone knows where i can find one i'd much appreciate it

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    Good luck, I haven't seen those in YEARS...You may be better off finding a local wood turner to make you one, or you can get the same effect by putting a couple of nails in the end of a suburito and sinking it into a small container of concrete (ie..large plastic drink cup, or large can like a peach can). If you find one let us know. BTW your shoulders will BURN!!!!!!!!!!


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      I think this might be what you're looking for:

      They also have an extra heavy version, and a number of other non-standard designs (like the Musashi Oar.)

      I ordered a Deluxe White Oak bokken from bokkenshop (a division of Tozando) and have been very pleased with the workmanship. I'm sure this will be of similar high quality.


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        Suburi bokken and Shinai

        How about these:

        and of course, the monster shinai...


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          Thanks adfrost, thats exactly what i was talking about... just need to find a US supplier now to save shipping cost hahah