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    Hey guys, we just had a competition just last sat, I had 2 shinai's, my normal and one and one that feels heavy (Kunimitsu from Koei). I don't want to use this as excuse but I was silly not checking my shinai before the comp, my normal shinai, had splinters !! >.< I fixed it up before and I didn't realise it came back...oh man..that leaves me with the Kunimitsu to use. I was shaking, cos Kunimitsu to me is like a really big gun, it was heavy, it can generate a lot of power, but question is, am I strong enough ? Answer is, I am not, it was meant for advanced students which I am not. It was heavy at the tip and short handle, perfect situation...packs a up a punch, lightning ability to manouvre cos of shorter handle, but hrmmm man...I am not strong enough to use peeeeeeeeed...I wana load it up with ball bearings and shinai weights arrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh

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    Do you know how much it weighs? is it the actual weight or just the weighting that makes it feel extra heavy?

    I'd just practice with it, you'll probably get accustomed to the different feel pretty soon (as its not a suburi shinai?)


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      But you made it out of your pool Pokie! And you're the only one from UNSWKC who has done that!

      Is it a chokuto-style shinai?


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        By looking at the decription of Kunimitu from the information I received from Koei, it seems to be chokuto style shinai. And it has a larger grip than normal shinai. Even thought the acutal weight might be similar to your dobari style shinai, it will feel heavier as the weight of the shinai will be more towards the tip. Well, keep on using it for your suburi and use your dobari for your shiai.....your dobari will feel even lighter.
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          Thanks !

          Wow, I didn't realise it, I still think I did really crappy though. I was so unfit..and tired..and icing on top, my shinai was too heavy.

          Yes that's the one, chokuto..the other one I have is chokuto too, but the handle is 1" but it makes so much thinking of changing handle..and see what happens..tried to change handles in comp..but it wudnt come off. I just found out you gota dry shinai too after training, dun leave it in bag, if u do..sweat makes tsuka stick to bamboo like cement >.<