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is there Anyway to clean the Shinai Handle

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  • is there Anyway to clean the Shinai Handle

    After awhile of using my Shinais the handles get kind of dirty and black from the sweat, is there a way to clean them or is it okay to keep them like that

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    A toothbrush and a little bit of water+soap can work but be prepared to put in some hard scrubbing. You don't want to remove it completely and then wash it because it will be impossible to put it back on the shinai again. Some people use some fine grit sandpaper. It's OK to keep it like that but if it gets too smooth it could make it harder to grip.


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      My tsuka-gawa are all completely blue. I wouldn't worry about it.


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        No shinai is going to remain clean and crisp looking after a few training sessions. Same as Neil said above, all my tsuka have been completely dis-coloured from extensive use and in my opinion, I think it adds character to your weapon.


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          I like the dirty look personally. Just says that you've been practicing awhile.