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New shinai care and feeding.

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  • New shinai care and feeding.

    Just starting out in Kendo and got our shinai this week. A few youtube videos have recommended taking apart a new shinai and oiling the staves. Any concensous on whether this is a good idea, bad idea, or just something up to personal discretion? If not, any alternatives, or is there anything else I need to do with a brand new shinai? Thanks in advance.

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    I think the benefits of prepping your shinai depend a lot on where you practice. I'm in the NYC area where the humidity isn't significantly different than Tokyo's. I never noticed that prepping my shinai make them last longer. Prepping shinai might make a difference if you practice some place drier, like Arizona.


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      I have never prepped mine. Here in Japan it’s humid in summer but bone dry in winter.


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        i take apart and prep every new shinai i get, i pull them apart, sand the edges smooth, and coat them with a heavy coat of lemon oil......let them sit for a few hours, wipe off the excess, and reassemble.

        and then once or twice a month i will take them down fully and inspect them and give them a light coat of oil.

        especially since they are uncoated....the idea of not oiling shinai makes me paranoid they are going to dry out