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  • Style of Shinai

    Hey all I'm trying to find a style of shinai which is something between dobari and Koto, don't want too much weight at hands or tip. Searched some companies but it all seems to be one or the other. Any recommendations?

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    I have this one from Eikobudogu. It is dobari but with a straighter profile than many other dobari. The center of balance is closer to the tsuba than on one of my other dobari shinai that has a more usual dobari shape (larger difference between the width of the monouchi and the bo part of the shinai). Somewhat surprising when I checked, the more usual shaped dobari has its center of balance at roughly the same point as my koto, which demonstrates that differences are between make and model rather than category of shape.

    Interestingly, I have a shinai that is dobari when looked at from the side and koto when looked at from the top. It was custom made for a sensei who passed away before I could meet him.


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      i havent tried it out yet, but Ebogu just got in this guy here, seems to be exactly what you are describing.