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Where to get Women's size 38 shinai?

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  • Where to get Women's size 38 shinai?

    Hello all,

    I'm currently looking to purchase several high quality womens shinai of length 38 and must be regulation weight (440g).
    It seems as if most women have switched to 39 and it is quite difficult these days to find good 38 shinai.
    Preferably, a thin grip, around 23mm and dobari style.
    Can anyone recommend some retailers?

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    Seriously ????? Every online kendo stores sell size 38.. E-mudo, e-bogu and All Japan budogo....Maruyama,


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      Actually, I understand your trouble. It is actually not that easy to get a regulation weight Ladies' 38.

      First off, I am afraid that you won't find one with a 23mm grip. That's about the size of a size 30 Shinai grip. For a 38 you are looking at around 25-26mm.

      Essentially, there are 3 types of 38 Size Shinai that are manufactured:

      Size 38 (3.8), Size 38 Ladies (3.8) and Size 38 Adult Ladies (3.8).

      Size 38 is for High School age boys, and they have to weigh more than 480g.

      Size 38 Ladies is for High School age girls, and they have to weigh more than 420g.

      Size 38 Adult Ladies' is for adult ladies, and they have to weigh more than 440g.

      Unfortunately, the demand within Japan (the largest consumer of Shinai in the world) is very low for 38 Adult ladies, so they are not actually that easily available.

      Most casual women Kendoka continue using the 38 Ladies (for HS student, which are the lightest), because these are the lightest, and they generally don't enter Shiai, and even if they do, 90% of adult Shiai in Japan do not have a Shinai check/weigh in. So they just use the lightest that they can. Most seriously competitive women, particularly university students, or other frequent competitors, use Ladies' 39 (as there isn'™t really a logical reason for a serious competitor to choose a 3 cm reach disadvantage).

      Many international retailers unfortunately do not realize the difference between the 38 Ladies (420g) and the 38 Adult Ladies' (440g) model, and many assume that (because the name is misleading) the 38 Ladies' is the correct size for adults. Others simply use the regular 38 size (480g) as they are not aware that there are different sizes for different genders. This is why it is often difficult for ladies outside of Japan to get a 38 Shinai that is not with too light for competition use, or overly heavy.

      Obliviously All Japan Budogu will send you the CORRECT size when you order from us.

      Having said that, my personal advice would be try to get used to using a ladies' 39 as oppose to a 38. There is no real benefit to using a 38 Adult Ladies'™ Shinai when compared to using a 39 Ladies'“ hence most serious competitors in Japan use 39 Ladies. But again, this is just my own personal opinion
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        OK, that's weird, ignore the weird 'Â's and stuff... they shouldn't be there, and I am struggling to delete them...


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          Off topic but I am guessing you are typing on a Japanese keyboard and entering the Japanese apostrophe. Try romanji apostrophe (shift-7) instead. KWF is not displaying Japanese type set correctly, including punctuation and full width space.