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Nito-Ryu Kendo Shinai Lengths

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  • Nito-Ryu Kendo Shinai Lengths

    To do a Ni-To style do you use two Size 39s or do just use a Size 39 and a Shoto are there different rules for Ni-To Ryu users

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    Nito is played with daisho (one long, one short). I've only seen two long shinai used in videos where the organization that put out the video is very suspect. Neither kendo nor any koryu kenjutsu as far as I know have techniques for wielding two long swords at the same time. As for regulations, look under the Regulations section of this Wikipedia page.

    You mentioned in your other post that you have not started kendo yet. Be aware that beginners start with itto (one sword) and that genuine nito instruction is quite rare even in Japan. The Musashi-Kai is perhaps the largest nito-ryu organization out there and they recommend not starting nito until at least 4-dan.

    Sports Japan's episode on nito can also be found on Youtube.


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      oh, nice thanks for the help


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        This website has what the regulations are for Nito Competition rules

        Generally people use 3.7 or shorter for the daito with a shoto. It doesn't make sense to use two daito as a lot of techniques just doesn't work due to the fact of the two swords hitting each other and getting in each other's way. The only way to make waza with two long swords work is to attack one sword at a time or two swords at the same but with parallel cutting angles. It's something that looks cool in movies but doesn't actually work practically.


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          Nito-ryu player here, a size 37 shinai of no less than 440g and a shoto of length no more than 62cm (weighted *between* 280-300g)