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New to Kendo. Help?

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    Try contacting these folks, they are in Kansas City but maybe can point you in the right direction.


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      thanks..I'll look into them..much appreciated..


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        I recomend you find an art/sport that you can actually participate in. I had a heated discussion about this one... Let's just say you live no where near a ski resort or mountain, and would like to learn to snowboard.... are you going to build a snow hill in your backyard? Then teach yourself, or ask for advice online? You CAN fly/drive far away ever couple of days to a mountain/resort and train and learn there. but otherwise.. no matter how much the activity interests you. You can certainly admire Kendo, and read about it, but certainly not teach yourself and/or expect to achieve ranking.
        I say, find an Iaido Dojo if it's sword arts that interest you, or find a Dojo that also teaches weapons that may be close to your house. otherwise I say sorry man, your outa luck...