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    I am moving down to Orlando in a few months, because I got a great job doing sound and lighting for some of Disney's resorts. I am hoping on finding an Aikido/Iaido school in the erea. I am really hoping on finding one that teaches both. Can anyone please help me out?

    I spent a few tears taking tai kwon do, but live with a friend who knew Aikido, I thought I knew something, but the way he threw me around I was left feeling like I wasted about 4 years. I'm 34 and in fairly good shape, I don't smoke, work out and eat right. I thought all the time Ive spent sliding through the dirt on my RM, or going boarding when I can get the time and the weather permitting would have me fairly balanced. Every time I came in on him I wound up on the ground, didn't matter if I was in the air, it just meant I was coming down harder.

    I was sold right then, he taught me a little not much as we were both on the road a lot doing the same work, but on different crews. However this time I have a job that won't keep my on the road for up to 6 months all through the year. I will be working nights, and won't know anybody so I will have plenty of free time to devote to study. Plus my hours are at night, that might help or work against me here's hoping.

    Thanks for the help