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Practice between classes? (shinai and bokken not allowed on campus)

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  • Practice between classes? (shinai and bokken not allowed on campus)

    Here at my college, Kendo is only once a week, and we have been told we cannot take our bokken nor shinai outside of our dorm room unless we are going straight there. the ceiling in my room is way too short to do any practicing...

    anyone have any recommendations?

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    Suburi can be done in seiza (kneeling) on floor. also have extra short suburito.



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      its amazing how simple and answer can be!



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        Maybe you could focus on your fitness when you are not in class. Biking or swimming etc. That will help you to capitalize on your training session each week. Although it is a bit harsh to not have the Suburi option. If you own a shinai there must be somewhere you can swing. It makes the world of difference if you do it correctly. Focus on your footwork cause I think too often in class it is forgotten.

        Personally I see almost everything that I do in a day as part of my training. Luckily my job is quite physical and I think that helps. But everything from having patience in stressfull situations to your demeanour and state of mind is part of Kendo training I believe. Also...if you can't, study study....from here or a book or a DVD anything you can get your hands on. Get creative and good luck

        Hope I didn't ramble too much.


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          I think Eurobogu sells these tiny shinai, they're smaller but they have the same weight, made for practicing in small area. I've never used one but who knows,, it might work.


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            is your dojo open every day? like, do they teach different arts? because you can go there and practice


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              This topic has been covered a few times. Search under suburi, xtraining and the like.


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                Have you considered transferring to a different college? Are you allowed to take a basketball or football out of your room? How about a baseball bat or hockey stick? Why not shinai? Go talk to the person that made this rule and educate him/her.