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  • Vertical Jump Workout/Core Workouts

    Happy Holidays everybody. In the off season, I'm trying to keep in shape by doing a lot of long-distance running and weight lifting. I've also been working on a vertical leap workout that is meant for basketball but has already helped my kendo a lot. The same muscles that give you a good vert are going to help shoot you forward more explosively in kendo. It's a 15-week program, and you can find it here:

    I talked to a guy who used it to get more explosive starts in track events. He gained like 7 or 8 inches on his leap. But he warned me that the exercises don't do anything for your hamstrings or your back, so you gotta work on both of those while you do the program. If you only train your quads and calves the rest of your body won't be ready for the extra stress of an increased vert and you'll end up getting injured.

    I'm also looking for a good core workout if anyone knows one. Hopefully something that doesn't involve anything more than a bench or ball and some dumbells. Let me know, and happy training!


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    Nice resource, Brian. I'm eager to try it out.


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      Good Stuff Brian!

      Question. Did anyone ever try the rubber band exercises? Basically, you use industrial rubber bands attached to a wall and a weight belt that you wear. You do your basic seme-fumikomi-suriashi sequence. What it does is it shows you if you are off center and it strengthens the leg and back muscles. One of our associate dojos is using this but I haven't tried it yet. Any opinions or experiences with this?