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Going up to the Sensei After Class

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  • Originally posted by Doji Jotaro View Post
    Me, I've been doing kendo for no more than two months, and I've just always gone up to the top of the room and listened and talked during the post-training discussion. It's important to know what sort of things lie before you on your path, I guess.
    Well, I am doing kendo since April and I do the same thing. However, I talk with my Sensei having an idea of what m y mistakes might be and asking for advice about them.

    to talk about these things and then practising carefully seems to be really useful.


    • Originally posted by Yowai View Post
      Your dojo is way too strict unless the sensei is over 50 and is Japanese. Is your sensei a foreigner? Foreigners tend to overdo the traditional parts in any Japanese event since they didn't grow up in Japan therefore have no idea what tradition is.
      This is not being strict. This is showing respect to the senseis and thanking them for the training.


      • actually i did the same thing, i often go from dojo to dojo to practice and i found that is very useful in my daily training. Each sensei have their own way of how my kendo look like and what i need to improve. Also we are normal to make bad mistake sometime and need to be fix so it is a good way to correct ourself in kendo.