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    Hi everyone,

    For my first post, a quick introduction. I have started doing Kendo for about a month, on a one-hour class per week basis. I'm having a great time I love the art for what it is and am not looking to become no "killing machine" Still, I am not exactly in great shape, far from it, so I'm curious..

    What daily exercises do you recomend to slowly get into shape, kendo-wise? Both on a physical and technical level.

    Thank you,

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    Some cardio is probably a good idea. When you start getting into bogu and do the tougher stuff like jigeiko or kakarigeiko you'll definetely appreciate it. When you get the basics of men-uchi down, do some suburi at home. I like to do 300 a day along with 50 katate, but its probably a good idea to go with something reasonable for you. Weight lifting doesn't hurt either. Its probably a good idea to confer with a professional trainer.


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      Any kind of cross-training in cardio is good. I like stair machines as they're easy on the knees, and if you don't hold on you can work on posture. You can also climb on the balls of your feet and work the calves. But if stairs bore you, then running, biking, swimming - whatever you can do regularily.


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        Do as those two suggested. It really works. I took up running and it increased my endurance up by a lot. I also did some weight-lifting.


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          If you really try when doing Kakarigeiko, sometimes you will feel like dying and giving up, but you should never give up. Running long distances, and never giving up even though you feel like you are dying really helps for kendo as well. Before I did kendo I did Lacrosse, which forced me to run till I felt like puking, and I almost did one time. Or you can just buy one of those workout videos with that one fruity guy!


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            So, some running and a few suburi for starters. On the weight lifting, I realize the benefits, but I have tried it and found it very boring. I'd rather do some more suburi, just in case
            Thanks for the help,


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              i think stomach excercises also benefit a kendoka. i hate sit ups, but crunches and leg lifts (on your back, lifting straight legs slowly up and down) make your trunk stronger which, i think, can't help but help anyone's kendo.


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                We have a guy by the name of Terry in our kendo club.

                He is from Japan and is working in my home town for a couple of years. He trains with us when he can and holds the grade of 3rd Dan.

                His kendo is FRICKIN AWESOME! He won gold in a shiai in Wellington (New Zealand's capital) a couple of months ago. I think he started swinging a shinai when he was about 6 years old.

                Anyway- I constantly annoy him with questions on how to improve my own kendo and stuff. I basically want to have his kendo style for Christmas but I don't think good old St Nick will stand and deliver.

                His advice- suburi, suburi and more suburi.