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  • Awesome Class!

    Class was awesome today! I cannot wait to go on Sunday class. Although, I have one question...komai(sp?) is at rest right? During komai, the sword must be pointed at the opponents throat? and during the strike, whichever place the strike is directed at, should end at that area, and go back komai? Well...Thanks for any help...Thanks for the help during class!

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    I think you mean "kamae". You have the general idea, yes. Don't worry, your sensei and dojo mates will help you and correct anything they see wrong with your kamae. Ask your sensei what you can do at home to help yourself along. Enjoy kendo!


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      you pronounce it, ka-ma-eh


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        Kendoronin -

        I saw you last half of practice
        ...and you had great kiai !! keep it up

        Just one advice.. dont get too head (knowledge) heavy.
        You are young, and you can copy what your instructors are doing where those started kendo as adult, they have to think before they move their body hehehe
        So watch your sensei or senpai and copy them!
        Just like any other martial art or sport, basic kendo is nothing but repetition.

        ... and if any question, please feel free to come talk to us after practice.
        We will help as much as we can while we fold our hakama (maybe you can watch how to fold too... soon you will be wearing and folding one )

        Again enjoy kendo & see ya at next practice!


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          Haha, yes I see. No mind, too many mind huh? lol...Well..thanks for the advice.