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    What color do females usually wear for kendo? I am just starting and there is only one other girl in the group; she's new too. what is different from guy's stuff?

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    I hear that white gear is for ladies, but honestly to this day I have only seen girls wearing the same blue hakima+gi and regular bogu as the guys. Your sensei might prefer everyone to have the same color uniform, so you should probably ask him/her first.


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      [where in wisconsin do you practice at ?


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        Right now I'm at school in Madison, but during the summer I'll live near Milwaukee. I'm probably joining the university Kendo Club and I am looking around for more information. I am also trying to see where I could go for training if I am still at it when I graduate (in 4.5 years).


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          The regular armor will still fit okay, right?


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            what do you mean "the regular armor will still fit?"
            .. asking your sensei is fine...

            i've seen females wear all white (white keikogi and white hakama).. .i've seen them wear all blue... i've seen them wear white keikogi and blue hakama.., but i've never seen anyone wear blue keikogi with white hakama.. that would be really strange.

            some women wear white bogu... white kote, white men, white tare, red dou.. but then again, i've seen them wear regular blue kote/men/tare...

            i guess in the greater scheme of things, it doesn't really matter. there's not real "set rule" about women HAVING to wear a specific color (white vs. blue)..


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              Originally posted by tweetyness
              The regular armor will still fit okay, right?
              Yes.. Also somewhere in this forum you can search for a particular problem related to female and bogu but I think that only applies to only a few women. White bogu is sometimes worn by female but it doesn't go well unless you wear white gi and hakama as well.. Keep it regular is my recommendation.



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                At my dojo most of us wear all indigo w/standard blue bogu (like most men)
                a few wear all white w/red and white bogu (a few men, but w/blue bogu)
                and a few wear white keikogi and indigo hakama w/blue bogu (several men)

                Kendo gear is not gender specific.

                I asked my Sensei before I bought my gear and he said it was a matter of choice at our dojo. Always good to ask your Sensei.

                Regarding Women and bogu, here's the thread:

                Good luck and I hope you stick with kendo.


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                  If you are just starting you can go with sweats


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                    Originally posted by tango
                    i've never seen anyone wear blue keikogi with white hakama.. that would be really strange.
                    There is a girl in my dojo with blue and white..
                    I put a link of a picture of her...
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                      hrmm.. that'd be a first for me to see it!

                      ...sorry, though, but your link didn't work for me

                      anyway, i guess it'd be ok to wear a blue top/white bottom .. i assume that most folks do not do that (obviously there are some, though) because the indigo from the keikogi, mixed with a healthy dose of sweat, could bleed through the white hakama... and that'd be a pain to deal with --- trying to get those hakama gleaming white again...

                      just thinking out loud... i'd still like to see the pic though if you can get it to work


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                        I think the real rules in Japan are that Men with bougu wear Black hakama blue Keiko gi, Blue hakama Blue keikogi. In Nito maybe white hakama and keikogi.
                        Women wear white hakama and keikogi children with bougu wear blue or black hakama and children's white keikogi with cotton pattern and children with out bougu wear samurai style hachimaki (tenugui).

                        I guess this is just so people can easily be recognised so the same type of people can fence each other in Taikai. But in England and out side Japan I do not think this really matters too much because unlike Japan people of all ages and both sexes start kendo at any age.


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                          Originally posted by Musha
                          I think the real rules in Japan are
                          There are no such rules. There are trends & to some extend traditions, but not rules.



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                            I'm not sure if this is a standard we have, but the ladies at our dojo wear the white keikogi with the regular indigo hakama.

                            I'm glad to see there are women willing to give Kendo a try. I hope you enjoy the art and encourage more of your friends to try it as well.


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                              Originally posted by tango
                              hrmm.. that'd be a first for me to see it!

                              ...sorry, though, but your link didn't work for me
                              Try copy pasting the link into your browser...seems to be a problem on kendo-world..