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  • girls vs. guys?

    At the beggining I heard that kendo is for either men or women and that stuff, but at my dojo, things doesn't really go that way. My sensei makes girls buy their own bougu for example... and always gives preference on everything to the guys. My sensei doesn't even train women the same way that men, even tough he says the contrary.

    Anybody been there?

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    Hmmm.....That is a rare case.....Kendo, most of the time is displayed as a man/woman sport. It doesn't matter about sex, height, or weight like in different sports. Usually anyone can fight anyone. I find it strange for you, but perhaps that just how your sensei teaches (shrug).
    And everyone buys their own bogu right?


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      it sounds like your sensei has some kind of problem with women!?

      You mentionend the sexual coloured comments from his side in the "drunken sensei" thread.

      There is no reason why women should not be able to practice kendo or karate or every other sport. I have seen women in karate who were much tougher than some guys and they really scared me. In our kendo dojo we also have women and last thursday I watched the bogu class and a girl score ippon two times in shiai against a guy. So who says kendo is not for the girls...?

      Never let you tell by anybody that you cant do something because you are a girl. This is complete nonsense. Women can practice as hard as men can.

      I admire your patience and that you continue kendo although you have to face such a lot of problems. There are a lot of other people who quit kendo out of minor problem. You seem to have real fighting spirit. I bow to that.

      I hope you will find a dojo with a good sensei.


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        Ditto Meow, as for women, they tend to be weaker in the beginning. But thats just a cover up. This one girl, she worked on basic everyday....2 years later, she comes back and whoops 18/20 girls in the dojo i practice at. Only me, and my friend (who were there at the beginning) managed to fend her off. Women are fierce competitors, and i have lost to a few, and i have no shame in it.


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          i think the reason some people say that kendo is for men/boys, is because its more violent, and stereotypically boys will generally be more interested in violent/stick-swinging involving activities...

          so wat i am saying is, there are more boys interested in kendo than girls, but if a girl happens to be interested and enthusiastic about kendo, there is no reason why they should be less able than a boy...


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            Muschio i think your sensei is absolutely right. Of cource he doesn't train women the same way that men because there are too many differences between wimen and mans. Is there a girl who can do 250 kirikeshi?!?


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              kendo normally doesnt require ANYBODY to do 250 kirikaeshis... the stereotype of men/women arent important in kendo, because u dont need superhuman strength, more important is speed/agility/brains...

              if we were talking about weightlifting or some other sport like that, it would be fair to say that women have a disadvantage, but not in kendo, kendo can be done by everyone as long as they have an IQ of above at least 50...


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                "Is there a girl who can do 250 kirikeshi?!?"

                I would say yes. If an 80 year old can continue to do kendo and not seem to tire for an entire practice, anyone can, man or woman. It's about technique and not physical strength and that is why kendo is such a great thing.

                The women in my club are quite good. They do their fair share of butt kicking. Anyone who trains or treats the women different from the men has a not very nice way of thinking.


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                  Of cource kendo doesnt require ANYBODY to do 250 kirikaeshis but it also doesn't require to do 50 kirikaeshis and even 10. When you are training it is because you want that. So that's why the girls must not make a compliant when the others ignore them.
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                    The moment you put the men on, your sex, race, religion etc cease to matter. Only your kendo matters from that point on.


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                      Originally posted by don_lubo
                      Muschio i think your sensei is absolutely right. Of cource he doesn't train women the same way that men because there are too many differences between wimen and mans. Is there a girl who can do 250 kirikeshi?!?
                      I think so, yes!

                      You are a troll, right?



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                        I think everyone is getting away from the topic at hand...

                        Muschio, there was another thread on these boards discussing the differences between how women wear a bogu. That may be the reasoning behind why your sensei requires women to purchase their own equipment as oppose to wearing an extra set. A bogu made for a women is a little bigger and wider for more protection around the top, if you know what I mean. You should check to see if there really is any difference between the bogu men and women are wearing at your dojo.

                        Secondly, training is somewhat different for men and women at the BEGINNING. Women tend to need to work harder to get used to the weight of the shinai and the constant swinging, etc etc. But once they reach that point, practice should be the same for everyone. And while it may seem unfair for a guy to do something different than a girl but started at the same time, it's really the instructor accommodating the different levels of mastery. I've worked with people who took quite awhile to be able to even do choyaku suburi and then I've worked with people who were able to wear a bogu in about 2 months after they started.

                        I'm not sure how long you have been practicing, but look to see what sensei is showing the guys versus gals. If everyone is in bogu and doing keiko and sensei is showing different things, there is a problem.

                        Hope that helps... the people I work with (men/women), I instruct all the same. But I will soon show some of the guys more stuff as they are ready for it.


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                          My experience with learning myself and teaching both men and women is that women aren't taught any differently to men.

                          I also don't think that women need to work harder to cope with the weight of a shinai as women are allowed to use a lighter shinai (although a number of women choose not to).

                          I have found that what some women do find confronting is the kiai - I think that this comes from society's emphasis on 'nice girls don't yell or scream'. But then, some guys have trouble with kiai as well.

                          In Australia in the national open dan competition we have one woman reaching the quarter finals every year and about 3 women reaching the round before the quarter finals. About 10 years ago, there were 2 women fighting it out for third and fourth place in the dan open individual.

                          To me kendo is about strategy and using your strengths - whatever they may be - to best advantage. To do this you first need to work out what your strengths are and how they can be best used.

                          In the end, if you are not in the place your opponent expects you to be, you are unlikely to be cut.



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                            I didn't know that kendo was about strengh

                            All the bougus on my dojo are the exact same, even the one that he sells to us (the women). That's why I find that particularly "weird". When I first post my question I forgot that perhaps it is not as financially difficult as in other countries to train kendo. Here, a bougu (the most economic one) with tax and the shipping included would go from 3 months of minimum salary up. That's why the Federation gave our sensei 10 bougus for the dojo... and none of them are lended to a women ever, even tough there are about 4 always available. Instead, Sensei give us two choices: buy one (from him) or stay out of keiko until we save enough in order to buy one.

                            Anyways, thank you to all of you for your support and comments. I really appreciate your comments and will proudly encourage the other two girls at my dojo to keep on, now that I know that we are not alone here.

                            Thanx again


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                              I didn't know kendo was about strenght

                              Originally posted by don_lubo
                              Muschio i think your sensei is absolutely right. Of cource he doesn't train women the same way that men because there are too many differences between wimen and mans. Is there a girl who can do 250 kirikeshi?!?
                              In that case, I TOTALLY agree with you don_lubo since I can hardly do 150 kirikaeshi on a row... I'll also suggest to two or three of my kohais (guys) to quit since they are overweight and are regurarly in trouble when doing even sonkyo.

                              I thought that the macho perspective on kendo were rare (meaning my Sensei and perhaps other 10 guys around the world had it), but thank you for remainding me my mistake.

                              By the way, do you also think that women should cover their face when in public and always try to be at home being pregnant and raising children since they are most likely to fall into sin?