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  • Outdoor Suburi

    I have only begun kendo as of one month...

    It looks as if to do suburi I will have to venture outside...

    Do I do my suburi wearing shoes?!

    I would be interested to hear opinions on this...

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    another question better to use shinai or a bokuto for suburi?!



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      barefoot or shoes is your preference. I trip over my feet when I do suburi outside in shoes, so I go barefoot. I also have hobbit feet so the ground doesn't bother me.

      As for bokutou or shinai, go with whichever. The bokutou will help you to get the proper grip. The shinai is probably a little heavier, unless you are using a suburi-tou. Go with what fits your mood or what you want to work on, be it grip or strengthening with more weight.


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        Originally posted by nodachi
        The shinai is probably a little heavier...
        Bokken is generally heavier than shinai no??


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          I think barefoot is better. For the first few days, I was practicing with shoes. When I went to the dojo for the formal practice, I found I was lifting my feet a couple inches higher than normal.


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            Don't suburi outside. You'll look like a fool.


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              I do suburi outside without shoes and use whatever seems right at the moment, but i live in the boondocks and nobody can see me!


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                I find it hard to get a proper stance with shoes, so try barefoot, that way you'll see exactly how high your left foot is and if your right foot is a little too far away from it, and for Suburi the bokuto works best....I think....


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                  Originally posted by Yowai
                  Don't suburi outside. You'll look like a fool.
                  Yez....Dont suburiz outside. You'll look like Yowaiz....