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    Thank you pgsmith and Josh Reyer - great comment and great link!


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      Speaking as someone who does the knocking down most of the time, it's important to get up or block the next hit (because it will come). That being said, if you're looking at someone fall you can usually tell if the "victim" is injured or not. There's always a responsibilty to avoid hurting someone... A responsibility to avoid hurting them more than they deserve I mean...


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        This is very interesting. I imagine that if I got knocked down in Jigeiko in my dojo, the other person would stop and help me up or ask if I was injured and if not, we would go on. But then again, I'm the dojo-dwarf and one of the few girls here.
        Not sure about a tournament,though. Would be a little different I guess.


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          Originally posted by pgsmith View Post
          If you're good, you'll immediately go into a roll, pop back to your feet, and score kote while your opponent is distracted!
          I do that .

          Anyway, I often get knocked over by bigger opponents, particulary if they taiatari too high (on me). I get up as quickly as I can, give a big kiai and try and score the next hit. Only once has someone *tried* to hit me whilst on the floor.

          As for been knocked over because of a collision with another pair doing jigeiko - during one jigeiko, I did hiki men, so did my sensei. We crashed into each other and fell then another pair was moving aound and tripped over us. Three person pile up within seconds. It looked very funny. Thankfully none of us were hurt.


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            Was watching this and this thread came to mind. Fast forward to 4:54. Red gets pushed down and comes up with shinai in position to block, behind the head, and white did attempt to strike. Reinforces what some said previously, don't expect anyone to step in and stop or offer you help you up, keep fighting.