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  • Achilles Support?

    I was going to get this Achilles Support from e-bogu but they don't have one for my foot size (10 1/2) does anyone know where i can get the same product for that size? I checked Amazon but they have a different more bulkier looking product.

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    I believe the shoe size indications aren't useful, at least as far as US/UK shoe sizes go. In Japan they go by actual length of the feet in centimeters rather than some system that has no direct relation to any actual measuring system. 28cm (toe to heel) is something like a US size 11, not US size 8.

    Nine Circles USA also carries this (or something like it... I can't tell if they're exactly the same or not). Note that Nine Circles says they go by ankle circumference but gives no actual comparison of measure to size.

    You can always contact the sellers to find out more.


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      Ah you're correct, the 25cm will fit me. Thanks dillon.