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  • Kitamoto 2012

    Hey guys,

    so I got the good news today that I have been selected to attend the Kitamoto Foreign Leaders camp this year. Is anyone else going?

    I must say that it will be a dream come true, but now its time to put the training in overdrive...

    JAPAN, here I come!!! Whoohoo

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    What is it?



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      Kitamoto by FIK.


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        Heard that long ago, it was Three weeks. When I went, it was two but not as tough as expected: they separated us into groups
        according to Dan level. The 7:30 am practice was, if memory serves, all together in the huge training hall that is seen on the link from Krys. After, had great breakfast, etc., then on to the mid-morning keiko; afternoon was a 3rd one. Much comraderie; some top senseis (Police or/and Univ. profs. etc.) visited the laundry rooms where they even advised on not using too much laundry powder when washing keiko-gi/hakama (breaks down the fibers). Best bring 2 sets, so one can air out or dry while the other's being worn; 2nd kote set may help too if you're a sweater. Bring your fav bandaids (blisters!) but there's med help available. Towards the end, they culled wimps like me and had a shiai (refereeing training ties in with that).Recommend!


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          BTW, they used to give Dan tests at the Kitamoto summer seminar, perhaps Kendo and certainly Iai. So some people attending felt it was especially worthwhile: visit the country, train and learn, make new friends (including the friendly Senseis), and test.


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            How do you apply and qualify?


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              Originally posted by Karaken View Post
              How do you apply and qualify?
              You have to apply through your national federation. Generally, each federation is allowed to send two people, who should be sandan or higher. Exceptions can be made for this but the goal of the seminar is to develop kendo leaders. Years ago when it was 2 weeks you needed shodan, and it was more of a regular training camp. Your federation submits a list of recommended candidates to FIK, and they select who goes.

              FIK covers the costs of the seminar including room and board and the instructors are top-notch, lots of "famous guys" as my sensei says. You just have to get to the airport. There are subsidies for the air travel available too that you can apply for through FIK.

              I've never been, but everyone who has gone that I know has had a great experience.


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                I'll be there translating again. Always fun and educational, but not as bad as the bad old days.


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                  Bennett Sensei, what a shame I missed you (when I was there, Shioiri Sensei was one of the interpreters).


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                    Great stuff! Enjoy and congrats.


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                      i get the letter today that i have been selected for Kitamoto camp. Is there anyone who will come this year? Can anyone give me good adviceses?

                      thank you,