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  • Lost video

    Hello everyone,

    i'm posting because my mistake made few years ago. Long time before I started train kendo I found very interesting video clip on youtube. It showed us a jigeiko and suddenly one of kendoka made incredible move - his shinai was kind of wrapped around his opponent's and than the enemy shinai departed away. Now I'm asking you if anyone remember that kind of stuff or even know where can I found it.

    Thanks for answers!


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    You probably mean this one

    This one is pretty funny


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      ArcticBlizzard, Thank you very much! do you know - it is possible to learn it or does it work only on opponent which doesn't have good tenouchi?


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        Originally posted by Tomoe Gozen View Post
        it is possible to learn it
        Maki waza:In maki waza, you hook your opponent shinai with your shinai and spin up or down your opponents shinai.

        If you execute this technique with the right timing and the right amount of strength, you will actually spin off your opponent shinai from his/her hands.