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  • ribs

    Last fall I tore the cartilage between my lower left side ribs. It was surprisingly painful (I actually ended up in the hospital for a day because the heavy pain medication I was taking and I did not agree with each other) and I was out of Kendo for a month. When I went back I wore a football-like rib shield for the next month until it felt healed up. My bottom two ribs still stick out a little more than the others. Other people I've talked to who had this had a similar occurrence and I've been told it can be up to a year before they go back "in place."

    Last week I did the same thing, albeit much less severe, to my right side. (Nothing more than NSAIDs so far!) Both times coincided with very aggressive keiko. I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this? I have gotten the comment from senseis that I am too tense in the upper body and I imagine it's related, so once I heal up from this one I am going to make a more concerted effort to stay relaxed. Any other thoughts are welcome. Either on this sort of injury or tricks to help stay relaxed in the chest.

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    It just reminds me how strange things can happen to the ribs... My ex gfriend's dad had broken his ribs by sneezing, although I think it could be more related with the cartilage as you had suffered.

    Hope you get better soon, and it'll be interesting to hear simialr stories as yours, and if possible, the cause of the injury.