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opportunities to train outside of class in daily life

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  • opportunities to train outside of class in daily life

    There are plenty of opportunities to train outside of class without a partner. In fact they present themselves all day long. Here are just a few:

    Lower body:

    Try and take every step by powering with the hips, more specifically, the area about crotch level right below the hip joint.

    If you don't know how to use the hips, try taking each step by leading with the toes.

    Try and walk on the balls of the feet, you will find this raises the heel slightly off the ground.

    Every time you get in or out of a chair, don't lean forwards. Instead keep your body as upright as possible so that yo have to use the hips to get out of the chair.

    When pushing a shopping kart, you can try and lock your arms and push it forwards without leaning over. Later, do the same with relaxed arms. You will find that this transmits power from the hips on out to the hands.

    When going up stairs feel the inner thigh and hip activate to push you up the stairs, don't use the quads.

    When bending over to pick up an item, fold the area at the hips. Don't round the back, instead keep it as straight as possible.

    Upper body:

    When opening a door try and use the triceps rather than the biceps. Couple this with using the lower body to open the door.

    When lifting a heavy item, relax the upper body as much as possible. This will transmit the load so that it is born by the legs and middle. It also takes the shoulders out of it.

    If you take a bus or subway, when standing try and make sure your shoulders stay dropped as you clasp the loop above you for balance.

    If you have to do chores around the house or outside, the above will go a long way in making you less tired. You will find that not only does your kendo become more powerful, but you exert less energy.

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    ...and when you see someone who's having trouble...offer to help them. Kendo is about that too.


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      I was going to give you + rep for that comment Ron but I got one of those annoying 'must spread rep around before giving it to rfoxmich again' messages. HL, nice post as well, I'm going to rip you off and mention some of those things to our students.