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Strengthening an ankle?

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  • Strengthening an ankle?

    Does anyone have any exercises they might recommend for strengthening an ankle?

    Back in April, I sprained my right ankle pretty badly and took a couple months of kendo. Recently, however, my ankle/heel has been having some pain when I stretch it or put all my weight onto it. I'm not sure if maybe it didn't heal properly because that was my first sprain and I honestly had no idea what to do, but I'm hoping to strengthen my ankle.

    If you have any ideas, please help. Thanks in advance!

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    Sure - go see a physiotherapist.


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      With the usual caveats to see a Dr. for medical advice, you can try getting a wobble board or bosu ball and doing balance exercises on them. You should talk to Yoshimi at class. She has some experience with this kind of issue.


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        Seriously go see a doctor. I had something similar happen and it sort of degenerated from me being afraid to walk on it and turned into this huge 5 year deal that's taken over a year to rebuild strength. Ugg. I wish I had just seen someone when I first thought "hey this didn't heal right"


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          Go get some physical therapy. But even then, depending on how bad of a sprain, the doctor may tell you (as mine did) that it might never be the same. You can try the balancing exercises and I certainly found they helped up to a point, but I had a pretty severe sprain and some days it just feels unsteady even four years later. So on those days I wear a brace.


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            Yes enough said, I think we should close this post.