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    Does any one here Know if dojos had a set time frame where they accpet new students or is it diff for all dojos , and if it is is there anyone that lives in the greater vancouver area and trains at the Steveston dojo and would know when they do accpet new students? ...thanx

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    Just get yourself keikogi and bogu and show up to class and act like you belong there, everyone looks the same and no one will notice. I suggest to use a crown royal bag on your tare. Don't forget to get a dish towel to use as tenugui. People will notice if you replace your kote with hockey gloves or make your own do out of half a barrel so don't do that

    Obviously everyone else there will be more experienced than you, so when they strike you, just say "Very good...nice hit/form". Smile a lot and give the thumbs up to everyone after they do anything.

    Important to remember.....
    If you get lucky and hit someone in the head, yell "men" like an angry feminist.
    Hit someone in the barrel, say "DO!" like Homer Simpson.
    Hit someone in the hockey gloves, say "Kote" -not kotex.
    Hit someone in the neck and say "See" like "See, I know what I am doing" - do this many times as possible.

    Other helpfull hints...
    -pretend there is a big bug on the floor beside your enemy's foot and stomp on it when attacking.
    -put gum under your left heel and save it for after class....remember not to step on it!
    -do whatever the person on your left does, always.
    -get some blue paint and anything that isn't blue, make blue, especially your hands and shinai (sword)
    -Show up late for class to avoid any warm ups

    Good luck, you can do it!

    Anyone else with any helpfull hints please feel free to contribute.

    Oh yes, you could just call the dojo or watch a class and ask them about starting times, it is a good way to introduce yourself.


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      don't think the sarcasm was needed for that post Odachi....

      Call the club and speak to one of the sensai, they'll answer most of your current questions as well as probably give you more. Just call them and if allowed go and see what they do.


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        LOL.....It's all in fun.


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          Originally posted by Fallen
          don't think the sarcasm was needed for that post Odachi....
          perhaps not, but those helpful hints made my day!


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            I love the "Stick a gum in the left heel and save for the day" It is great and should be in every Sensei Instruction Manual


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              If you look here you'll find the contact information for Steveston. Just drop Bob Takagaki an email, he's usually pretty quick to respond. I wouldn't be surprised if you have to wait until fall. Steveston is a great place to train, very nice people, gorgeous dojo purpose-built for kendo. They're good friends of ours, and I think you'll really enjoy training kendo there.


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                LOl thnx for all the help and the sarcasm wasnt sarcasm i found it helful
                ne ways i noe it was a stupid question but hey, nooby wat can i say lol


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                  It wasn't a stupid question, just a good opportunity for me to try to be funny.

                  I know we all work so hard to improve our kendo so it is really good to step back and laugh at our selves every so often. Some of the funniest things ever were said by sensei during class.

                  I am pretty proud of my blog, and I would really like to see people add their little bit of twisted wisdom.

                  Remenber.....Just because I hit you with my shinai, dosn't mean I don't like you.


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                    Originally posted by Odachi
                    Remenber.....Just because I hit you with my shinai, dosn't mean I don't like you.
                    It just mean I am laughing at your sorry ass !!!!

                    Welcome to Kendo, our apprentice.. You will be fired & grilled over and over again. Be patient and keep practice. You will lov'it


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                      Originally posted by Fallen
                      don't think the sarcasm was needed for that post Odachi....

                      What a great first post.


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                        Hi am am new and i was jsut wonderin if anyone knew about they sunrise Kendo club??Also i live about 3 hours away from the nearest dojo and it would be about midnight when i get back plus $10 there and $10 back is Kendo worth it??


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                          Sunrise is fine. I think Daisaku Taguchi is doing a lot of the teaching there these days, he's a Team Canada member and a good guy, you can learn a lot from him. As far as a 3 hour commute goes... that's pretty stiff, you'll have to decide for yourself. Where are you exactly?


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                            Ever heard of a place called merritt it is near kelowna and south of kamloops


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                              i go to steveston dojo. i think they're accepting new students during fall, but if you've done kendo before they might accept you.