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    Well I tried to build a two level hitting dummy to use in my practice. I didnt want to spend $600 trying to order it at, so I decide to make my own homemade version. I took one 4'x1' baseboard , one 2'x2'x7' and one 2'x2'x5' plank. I attached the planks to the baseboard(im not sure how far the planks was from each other,try to think of it as a kote and men targets) using an "A" angle connectors. The one I made is pretty stury actually.I also drilled some holes on the plank so it'll be adjustable to whoever is using it. But now Im stuck, and thats why I posted here.So far its only a base and I need to install an arm as a target. I need some ideas to figure out how to make the targets move,turn, or get out of the way when I hit it. The whole I idea is to hit the first target(kote level) and be able to pass through to hit second target(men) It would be easier to just put an immovable arm, I mean just nail or screw a target in there, but itll be a bad idea. Im going to pick bad habits if I just hit the taget in an angle in order for me to pass through.
    If anybody has any ideas or suggestion, please feel free to post it here. thanks in advance. I gtg to sleep, got Kendo practice tomorrow.