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    Hi all,
    I am brand new and am looking to join a group here in Phoenix. I have just begun to establish contact but I was wondering if there were any simple exercises or techiniques I could practice to start to get back in shape. My job is moderately physical, at least for upper body and arms, but I know my cardio is going to b e hurting. I figured some light jogging etc to begin, however are there any other things you would recommend to start conditioning?
    Thank you,

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    Hello Jthayn,

    I think you got it. Some jogging, maybe some calf work. But like almost everything, the best exercise for an activity is the activity itself. But I do give a thumbs-up for the jogging.

    Good luck!


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      Try to do as many push-ups as possible and count it out loud. Keep on doing that for half an hour.
      Chest strength isn't needed but it's another exercise to get your lazy butt in gear.


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        Some good advice while here - ignore everything hai_hai says.

        Anyways, what Pauly said - anything cardio is good.


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          In an article about Miyazaki, they've noticed that he is not physically stronger than other kendoka (they compared him with a college kendoka).

          In the study, the college kendoka was actually physically stronger than him EXCEPT for back strength. Miyazaki was also noted for having equal grip strength in left and right hand whereas the college kendoka has a stronger right grip....

          I would think trying to do inverse sit-ups to help keep an erect posture as well as strengthening the legs would do wonders.

          For upper body, I may do some left tricep strengthening and strengthening of the ring and pinky fingers, esp of the left hand.

          Other than that...suburi lotsa!


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            increase heart rate ?!?

            I think jogging supplemented with some interval anaerobic cardio exercises may do you more help than you think. Good luck with your journey hence forth!


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              Seems you are ok with upper body and arms, so you should work on your lower body. many say, kendo is 70% lower body (ashi-koshi) 30% upper body.


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                Thank you all very much for the info. I am surprised to hear it focuses so much on lower body, I assumed back and arms were dominant with feet mainly for quick motions and balance. Once again I appreciate all the suggestions.


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                  The weight you are dealing with is very light, most people are strong enough and in fact swing with too much muscle. There is an issue with endurance (eg doing lots of practice swings) but that is more sport-specific - you have to get used to the motion and be relaxed, and no weight training is going to help with that.

                  Later on when you get bogu you'll find cardio to be the most useful thing. Interval training is the best way to approximate the kendo environment for that IMHO.


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                    [QUOTE=Neil Gendzwill]Some good advice while here - ignore everything hai_hai says.

                    Man, should have listen to you neil. Day late....