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what martial art is the best defense

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  • what martial art is the best defense

    i want to know of a martial art that has the best defence and a bit of offense. i also want to know if this would get you fitter, so i could improve my running and so on.

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    oh and one other thing. i really dont want to go to classes with other people because i am shy. how can i get around this or train by myself.
    Another worry is that i might not respect my teacher.


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      I'm not sure if this is a serious post or just flamebait fodder, but on the off chance it's for real...

      (my own opinions follow)

      The best trainging for self defense is self defense training. Many martial arts (most?) don't focus on self defense; sure you'll learn self defense eventually but I don't feel most martial arts are by any means the quickest path to real-world self defense, especially for the shy, disrespectful types out there.

      My iaido instructor has a ton of real-world self defense training (as well as karate, kobudo, lots of other combat-related physical training knowledge) and offers classes in just real-world combat training, including one-on-one classes if that's what a student wants/needs. Not that you live anywhere near me, I'm sure, but I'm just letting you know that options are out there.

      The lack of respect thing? You gotta figure yourself out first...


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        Originally posted by shockingu
        oh and one other thing. i really dont want to go to classes with other people because i am shy. how can i get around this or train by myself.
        Another worry is that i might not respect my teacher.
        Hmmm....not sure if you are not just another troll. If you are not, please excuse...

        I think there is no "best" self defence system. Every system is only as good as the people who practice it. Another point is: technique is only one part, the other very important part is fighting spirit and the ability to bear pain when you get hit. And you should always be prepared to get hit.

        I dont know how old you are and how much you know about martial arts, but forget about what you might have seen in TV-Shows or movies. In reality a fight is never that easy as shown in the movies. A fight is ugly, bloody and unfair. If you face multiple attackers chances are very low you will win, even if you are very experienced in your art/system.

        Another thing that a lot of people doesnt seem to be clear about is: In a fight you will lose most of the time.:

        - You might get beaten up very seriously by your oponent and suffer the rest of your life or even lose your life.

        - There might be more then just one oponent, even if it doesnt seem so in the beginning. A fight in a bar could turn out pretty bad, if the friends of your oponent show up and join the party. Bad luck for you.

        - Even if the other guy is a total beginner, chances are that he hits you seriously. Have you ever practiced with a beginner? Suprising, that they hit even experienced people sometimes because they act totaly different as you would expect.

        - In a fight not always the guy with the better stamina or the better technique or the better system wins. Maybe your oponent is just more aggressive and gives a shit about how seriously he injures you. If he is the one who hits first, your superiour technique wont help you much.

        - Dont rely on your "deadly-one-hit-killing-technique". Some guys can take more then you can imagine. Watch some heavyweight boxing events. Those guys can take a lot.

        - If you win against your oponent, be prepared for him to take revenge. Would you like the idea to always look over your shoulder and lock yourself in at home for the next six month after you kicked this guys ass?

        - He might draw a weapon, if he realises that he is losing. A knife can be very ugly and the fancy "anti-knife-techniques" only work well in the dojo.

        - If you beat up the other guy and police is involved be prepared to explain the situation to the judge. Not very funny. You should know the laws of your country very well, before beating someone up. You might be the "bad boy" in the end.

        My advice: spend some time doing aerobics, so you can always run away. ;-) And keep away from those bars where people are getting beat up every weekend.

        Best self defense is not to get into a situation where you might need to defend yourself.

        If you are seriously injured in a fight, its not only you who suffers, but also your wife/kids/family. And how do you want to explain this to your boss or your customers?

        Last point: If you find yourself regularly in a situation where you have to defend yourself, you might consider changing your lifestyle.

        Kind regards



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          Originally posted by shockingu
          oh and one other thing. i really dont want to go to classes with other people because i am shy. how can i get around this or train by myself.
          Another worry is that i might not respect my teacher.
          Oh, and one more point: You cant learn to fight on your own, you need someone to spar with. Be prepared to take a good beating.

          Kind regards



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            I back Ric Flinn and Meow on this: don't start a martial art for self defence.
            And don't start a martial art if you want to train alone and might disrespect your sensei either.


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              This was not a fake post. Iwas a bit upset hearing you say that i was disrespectfull, i just mean that i would respect but not to the full level.
              I have actually developed sopme basic things from movies.
              I can actually put all my energy into a punch, as i have seen on the movies and every1 knows how they shout. i can do that. i find it easy, and was surprised. i did it on a frien just messing about but not too hard, i was amazed at the speed and power. my friend was ok as i didnt do it hard.

              is it possible for me to pick some things up from movies and create my own technique, because i remember when i watched a program, it was about a chinese or japanese cop and his name was lei or lee not sure how spelt. but he was over weight by a bit but a very good martial artist.
              From watching his movie it helped alot, because of developing a reflex. i could tell if someone behind me was about to hit me so i could block. This was very amazing, i was about 1-2 when this was happening and now i have lost it. i am now 16 and i want to be able to develop my skils on reflex.

              i also want to be able to protect my girlfirend. i can dodge peoples punches as i have done only a couple of months ago but i would like to learn more and learn my own way like my own art.


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                sorry i wasnt 1-2 when it happend i was 10-12 sorry


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                  ^your life story


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                    As said before, the best self-defence is situational awareness.

                    Having said that, if you are interested in martial arts as self-defence (or for any other purpose), you can't learn by yourself. You have to be able to try your techniques out on resisting opponents in a safe environment. I'd say start with judo, it's a good solid grounding for anything else you might want to do.


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                      unless you're really really good, martial arts isn't going to help you much in a street fight.. why do you even need to protect yourself and your girlfriend? there shouldn't be any reason that you'd have to get in a fight if you just mind your own business.. but hey, I was 16 once too.. I know where you're coming from.. people act gay in school and you want to be able to stick up for yourself right? I got suspended a lot when I was your age too.. I would just let the little things go and forget about it.. but if you really need to fight then just fight.. who cares about the martial arts.. and if you really can't fight and you're in some serious trouble for some reason, buy yourself a knife or something (but hopefully you won't have to use it)


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                        If you're even too shy to get yourself a proper training at a "dojo"....well, grow up or shut up! You're just as fake as the movies you watch. The sad part is you're not even aware of this.

                        This is one of the most pathetic bullshit I've ever heard.


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                          you know, the best technique I have ever developed was a kick to the groin. Not many martial arts allow that to happend! but it works instantly and I was never bullied again! I was around 10... still flexible and evil... hee hee... those were the days...


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                            Originally posted by taiwnezboi
                            and if you really can't fight and you're in some serious trouble for some reason, buy yourself a knife or something (but hopefully you won't have to use it)
                            Don't buy yourself a knife because you could either find yourself in court or have it taken off you and end up getting cut. A duster is a safer option!


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                              I dont really beleive that training in self defence is really that useful anyway. Its like the others said, just do aerobics so you can get fit and run away! Even if you were an expert in self defence, who's to say that the first fight you got in a fight with wouldnt be with a guy who was much better than you, and tore you apart? Like meow said it isnt fair.

                              I know its hard when you worry about your girlfriend. I live in London and obviously worry about my girlfriend when she goes out with her mates. What I tell her is to try and stay alert when shes alone on a dark night. Treat everyone like they are a potential threat and try and stay out of obvious sight. I wouldnt bother telling her to take self defence classes - what good will they do her if a 16 stone guy tries to rape her? She just doesnt have the power to overcome someone like that, damn but probably neither do I. If she was ever in that situation I tell her to just go for the eyes. Even though it's severe, if it means the difference between life and death then its the easiest option. No fighting, just go for the eyes when you get the chance. Even if he is 16 stone, he wont be able to do much after that. But hopefully it would never come to this anyway, as long as you stay alert and out of trouble.

                              Anyways, in answer to your question, just keep fit in what ever art you want as there is no real amazing self defence system (short of joining deltas or the sas!), the best form of self defence is the art of avoiding conflict.