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Tennis Elbow (Iaido elbow?)

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  • Tennis Elbow (Iaido elbow?)


    We just added Iaido to our intruction (Thanks Peter San!), and I am loving it. Still, I appear to have developed a tennis elbow problem, especially noticeable during the first move and Chiburi.
    Anyone had the same problem? Any suggestions?


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    Simple strength training in the wrists help with tennis elbow - funny, I just saw a news report about that a little while ago. Also, I read a small article on the stress that iaido puts on your right shoulder, and how it can be beneficial to weightlift, especially focusing on your shoulders.


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      I've had tennis elbow for over two years. At its worst, I had to grab the bad arm with my good one to straighten it out in the morning. I could easily feel the damaged tendon - it felt like there was a pencil in there. There are a number of things that you should be doing RIGHT AWAY before it gets worse.

      Stretch your forearm tendons 15 or 20 times a day. Swing your arm from the shoulder, fully extended, as far as you can to the rear. Turn your wrist so your palm is upward and outward from your body, and hold it for 15 seconds. This stretches the inflamed tendon in your forearm so it doesn't bear nearly all the load, and also makes you feel like someone should be saying, "Step into the squad car, sir."

      Buy one of these and wear it when you do Kendo

      Do wrist curls with a very light dumbell (or equivalent), with your forearm resting on a surface, such as a table with your hand hanging over the edge.

      You can take Advil (Ibuprofen (sp?)) to make it easier to do Kendo until you get it under control.

      I did these things and avoided surgery that would have shut down my Kendo carrer for quite a while. (The orthopedic surgeon roughly described something like cutting off the torn end of the tendon and sewing it to the bone.)

      Also, you can check out the mayo clinic web site, the one above, and many other sources on the web. You should also consider seeing a doc to make sure that your diagnosis is correct.


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        Umm, you can start with Kendo World vol. 2.3, Kendo Clinic article about 'kendo elbow' exercises to prevent it, and to recover from it, and a full medical analysis from a kendo practicing sports doctor. Will have a lot of cross-over for iai, too.

        US$10 plus postage for the back issue on it's own.