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  • Depressed about injury

    Well, I thought I'd just try to vent a little frustration I've been feeling. I just got into full bogu last week after about 6 months of practice. Last practice I felt a sharp pain in my right foot. I thought I'd bruised the heel from doing fumikomi wrong (too much heel). But, I hadn't felt it before and I thought it was just something that I had done once or twice while not being as concious of my foot work as I should've been during kieko. The pain didn't go away. Even after repeated ice baths and heat applications. I went to the doctor yesterday and had some x-rays done and turns out there is a very large heel/bone spur. I haven't seen a podiatirst yet, but everything I've read suggests that it'll require surgery if I want to continue Kendo. I know it's not the end of the world or anything, and there are many people out there who have worse medical conditions and still practice, it just seems now is a really bad time to be off Kendo for extended periode of time. I'll be starting all over again.

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    Look on the bright side. It can be fixed.

    As far as re-starting... I do it all the time. You just have to go to practice and know you are going to suck for a while but you will improve. Just keep going to practice.


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      Well think of it as the perfect time to work on physical conditioning. Get on a stationary bike and ride, hit the weights for the upper body. When this is over you will have lost some skill but continued forward with your ability to endure training.


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        dude, I feel for ya. a friend ripped his achilles. a complete rupture. he's going to be out for a year. a frickin year.


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          Hey, don't worry....

          my mom had a bone spur on her heel too... she got the operation and now she's fine!

          and that's a lot since she's a complaining old woman!
          you're a stoic young warrior so you can stick it out even better

          get the surgery
          you'll be back up on your feet in less than a month most likely


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            If too painful to walk, you should sit out and let it heal.
            If not, you can alway practice your ashi-sabaki, kamae, or suburi...just dont use fumikomi-ashi.

            But most of all, you should show up to practice whether you can phisically practice or not. There is another type of keiko called mitori-keiko, obsevation keiko. You can learn so much by watching others practice.
            You can see your fellow classmates and see what they are doing wrong, or see your sensei and senpai and how/what they are doing on certain waza...etc.

            just my 2 cents,


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              Thanks guys. I feel a little better. Thanks Hiro. Well, I'll see the podaitrist Thursday morning and see what he says. I saw the x-ray and couldn't believe it! How am I walking? I'll see you at practice Hiro.


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                What's the big deal? So you hop in a wheel chair and do suburi (minus the suri-ashi) up and down the halls of the hospital! Give a yell and I'll practice with you!


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                  Imageine about a beautiful nurse in short, sexy, white white skirt uniform, comes to you ask "Hey Mitch, I like your Shinai, will you please show me some suburi ???" arrrrrrrrrrrr.... Now, who is lucky bast**rd ??

                  Kidding, just think it as long term... I have been practicing 6 months bought my bogu and have to relocate to other place where they do not have Kendo-dojo within 2hour driving range.... suck.... I will probably go there once a week, rather than twice. Good luck man...


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                    Tommorow I'm going to surgeon to talk about my feet. He saw my x-ray and told I have something (don't know how it's called in english) near the angle and also my spaces in my joints in feet are too big (dont know why). I happened in mountains but last month I could not practice Kendo and I'm going mad. Tommorow I will know more.

                    Dont worry Mitch, you can handle this. I still practice suburi and Kata. There is always something to practice in Kendo even if you have to be carefull about legs or feet. Take it as test of your spirit
                    Dont worry, good luck.

                    ps. yeah, Nurses


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                      I just tore the miniscus (I think that is what you call it) in my left knee and keep putting ice one it and going to practice. when you cant take anymore and go to sit (which is painfull in itself) and the sempei's come up to you and say "get up"! and you have to explain why you are resting. they dont seem to get it , they think it blisters on your feet? sesei is a doctor and he told me to give it a rest for a couple of weeks , but I cant . I just got bogu and kendo is a drug, an escape. I will keep going and do suburi or anything else I can do without slowing my recovery, I may need surgery(the cast wont show under a hakama) haha!
                      anyway, do what you can but take care of the problems now before they become permanent.


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                        You'll end up tearing more and more of your miniscus and miniscus only grows back if the injury is minor. If you're repeating movements that caused the tear in the first place you might end up damaging a ligament and then you'll need sugery and... stop training and get your leg fixed man. gl


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                          Man it sucks that you have a bone spur and that you will be off practice for a while.

                          I agree with what a lot of people have been saying re that you should go to practice even if you can't practice physically.

                          I could not practice for about 2 months last year after a car accident - once I could move about again, I assisted my sensei to teach the beginners. This was cool because I got to know the beginners and I learnt a lot about teaching.

                          I also found that when I went back to training I was able to see a lot more than I could before.

                          If you don't go to training - you will also find other ways to spend your time. That will make it harder to get back there.



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                            You have my sympathy. I am sitting here feeling a bit blue, because my knee is swollen and I will miss tonight's practice. It becomes part of my routine and I even feel "guilty" about eating a full meal when I know I will miss the day's exercise. The only upside is my rational mind telling me that if I address this medical issue I will be back quicker and more able to train.


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                              I returned from the podiatrist today and the verdict is in: Plantar Faciitis-an inflammation of the plantar fascia, a thin layer of tough tissue that supports the
                              arch of the foot and the heel spur is a result of that inflammation caused by microscopic tears. Anyway the doctor said the heel spur itself doesn't cause the pain and I could live with the heel spur unless it gets unbearable. He did say however I'd be out of Kendo for 3 to 4 weeks and if it didn't get better surgery may be an option.
                              Two observations:
                              1.) Everytime you tell a doctor, "Doctor it hurts when I do this..." The reply is always, "Don't do that then."
                              2.) It's a bad sign when the doctor puts up a barrier to keep you from seeing what he/she is about to do.
                              That shot hurt!