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  • Dai Nippon Teikoku Kendo Kata

    "Several of the men charged with creating the Dai Nippon Teikoku Kendo Kata, forerunner of todays Nihon Kendo Kata, were exponents of the Hokushin Itto ryu..."-Keiko Shokon
    I was wondering if there are any differences between Dai Nippon and Nihon Kendo Kata and if there is, what it is?

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    Coincidentally, I just received a copy of "Kensei to Gokui: Nihon Kendo Kata" which includeds a demonstration of the Dai Nippon Teikoku Kendo Kata by Nakayama Hakudo and Takano Sasaburo in 1929. While there are noticeable differences with the Nihon Kendo Kata as taught now, they're almost identical. In fact the demonstration by Mochida Moriji and Saimura Goro on the same DVD, and the same one viewable on the goodies page here, looked to me more like the the 1929 demo than what I've been taught. That's how similar they are.

    Some of the differences I noticed were:
    - Minimal suriashi. The footwork was more natural.
    - Fumikomi on the strikes.
    - Wider stances.
    - Gedan only a little below horizontal.
    - Kamae otoku horizontal.
    - The timing is different on some of the kata.

    There were other differences, of course, but nothing that I consider a bigger one than those above. The kata seemed more aimed at teaching practical swordsmanship, but that could also be an effect of the other training of the participants.